Closing the Gender Pay Gap for Equal Pay Day

This is a frequent topic for a lot of women I work with, and one that is close to my heart. For many of us, we just did not know about the gap, and once we do know, we are not sure how to handle the situation. For me, I was just not brave enough to bring up the matter. But all this must change.

So I am grateful to work with Sam Smethers (CEO of Fawcett Society, UK’s leading gender equality charity) and Raina Brands (Co-Founder of Career Equally and Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School), on this video and be a little bit brave to talk about this.

According to Fawcett Society, one reason why employers still get away with pay discrimination is because “60% of women reported either not knowing what their male counterparts earn or believe they earn less than them for the same work.”

Another reason is gender stereotypes, which affects women’s salary negotiations and their careers, writes Raina in her post on implicit gender bias, glass ceilings and glass escalators.

Therefore, let’s make a change to close the gap. Support the Right to Know campaign.